Friday, February 20, 2009

Larry H. Miller

It's a sad day in Utah.  

Like any of us, Larry H. Miller wasn't perfect, but he brought Jazz fans Stockton and Malone, two trips to the Finals, Frank Layden and Jerry Sloan, the Delta Center, and Deron Williams.  Miller's teams always competed.  And most importantly, despite numerous offers, he never even considered leaving the NBA's smallest market for greener pastures.   Miller always said the Jazz were "his gift to Utah."  And what a gift they've been.  

You will be missed, Larry.  


Draft Guru said...

In honor and respect... thanks Larry for all you've given us (the Jazz). We've truly lost a city icon today. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Miller family.

Anonymous said...

He was a larger than life personality and a great man. We all miss you Larry, I hope no one sits in your seat the rest of the season and I can think of no better way for the team to honor you than winning the elusive championship, I think this is the year.

Anonymous said...

One of the saddest days of my life..

Read my piece on Larry at WWW.PLAYAHATIN.COM

You will be missed Larry


Tucker McCann said...

(Moment of Silence)

Orlando said...

Thanks for the memories, LHM.

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