Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pulling the Curtain on the Lake Show

Big win for the Jazz last night. Although ESPN's John Hollinger spent his entire column this morning making excuses for the Lakers, the fact remains that the Jazz beat the hottest team in the NBA without Boozer or AK. D-Will controled the game, and the Jazz made the big plays when they needed them most.

Speaking of D-Will, in the month of February he is averaging 32.5 points and 9.3 assists a game and shooting 58% from the field. I have mentioned this before, but will do so again: the way D-Will is playing, I would take him over any other point guard in the league. Plus, check out some of these dunks.

There have been some rough streches so far this season, but with D-Will and Millsap getting some much deserved rest over the all-star break and Boozer and AK scheduled to return shortly, the Jazz are primed to make a strong late season run.


Tucker McCann said...

I was in attendance last night, and it was PLAYOFF INTENSITY from the tip-off. Great great game.

Now, how is that all these 'Kobe' fans come out of the woodwork when the Lake-show comes to town. I swear, it is the most annoying event of the year. This Kobe-lovers probably see one game a year, and it was last nights. And they show up in OUR house and chant "MVP" when Kobe has the ball. And what's worse: They boooo any jazz player at the free throw line.

I had a great time turning around and laughing at the very-vocal Kobe lover behind me last night when Kobe missed the last 3 pointer of the game and the Lakers lost. The guy wouldn't look at anyone though.

Orlando said...

I would love a Jazz/Lakers 1-8 matchup in the playoffs. We're not winning it all this year, so let's take a shot at the big boys.

Pasty Gangsta said...

I too would like a Jazz-Lakers playoff matchup EXCEPT for the fact that I think the NBA and refs have a vested interest in Kobe and LA going pretty damn far this year. I'm not one of those "frozen envelope" conspiracy guys, but I do think we would really have to play out of minds to beat them because we wouldn't be getting a lot of close calls.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Also, John Hollinger is an idiot.