Friday, February 13, 2009

Hollinger Gets Around to the Jazz

John Hollinger finally got around to talking about the Jazz. A day after writing a column on the Jazz-Lakers game that focused entirely on the Lakers and provided a myriad of excuses for their defeat, Hollinger's current column contains some good insight into what the Jazz win over the Lakers could foretell about the second half of the season for the Jazz. He points to some of the problems the Suns, Mavs, Rockets, and Horrnets are facing and posits that the Jazz could end up in the five spot facing the Blazers in a favorable first round match up.

So it's time to call your shot. The Jazz are currently 30-23 with 29 games remaining after the all-star break (14 at home and 15 on the road). How many of our remaining games will we win and where will we be seeded come playoff time?

My Take: I think we will go 19-10 after the break, finishing with a record of 49-33 and taking the forth seed. For this to happen, Portland is going to have to stuggle. But they are young, and I am not convinced they can continue on their current pace through the home strech.

What's your take?


Tucker McCann said...

The eternal cynic that I am, i don't think the Jazz will finish in the 4th, 5th, or even 6th spot. The highest I would place them is 7th or 8th.

Orlando said...

6th. With an outside shot at 5th. I don't think there is anyway we catch Portland.