Thursday, February 5, 2009


Deron Williams may play tonight
It'll be a game-time decision, but Deron Williams could start for the Jazz tonight. After missing the last game against Charlotte with a deep thigh bruise, DWill might give it a "go" tonight.
Let's be honest... Deron is a "must-have" for this match-up against the Mavs. Infact, so much so, that I'll say if we don't have DWill playing... we lose the game. And I actually think we'll win the ballgame if Deron is in the line-up.
Jazz Approaching 126 Man-Game Lost
Isn't that just an incredible stat? Especially when those "Man-Games Lost" are primarily due to missing our star players, Boozer and Kirilenko. That's devastating! If it were Collins and Morris Almond, I probably wouldn't even care.
All-Star Snubs
The Utah Jazz won't have any participants in the NBA All-Star Game, coming up in a week. If I had a vote, it would go to Deron Williams. Granted, Deron hasn't been off-the-charts this year, but he's played up-to-par with the likes of Chauncey Billups and Tony Parker. Parker has enjoyed a great season so far. The Spurs are playing well and he's been the focal point of that team (even better than TimmyD). Chauncey has turned around the fortunes of the Nuggets since the trade for Iverson. He's done well. I can understand their selections. If there was a stat that really ruined Deron's All-Star bid though, it was this... "126 Man-Games Lost". Not only has Deron battled injuries, but our whole team has faced injury. The Jazz haven't performed up to expectations and DWill is suffering for it. It might actually be better for him to rest during the All-Star week anyway.
Mailman In Studio
Karl Malone will be joining the TNT crew in the studio for tonights game. Can you imagine the Mailman sharing "wits" with Kenny and Ernie? That should provide some classic, comic relief! Tune in...


Tucker McCann said...

Malone in the STUDIO! Finally something for a Jazz fan to cheer about.

Perhaps he will be replacing Charles Barkley full-time now. I love the Mailman, and would tune in to TNT all the time if I knew I could hear him every night.

Basketball John said...

Better set your DVRs to stun. Can't wait to hear what the Mailman drops tonight.

Ryan said...

Deron certainly looked like an allstar last night. But while it would be fun to have DWill in the allstar game, as a Jazz fan, I'm glad he's getting that weekend to rest up for our big playoff push.

Tucker McCann said...

mailman was GREAT last night.

Orlando said...

I can't say I'd vote for Deron. He's been good this year, but not great. The injury has slowed him down and he's looked much better the last two weeks.

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