Monday, March 30, 2009

Brevin Knight = Jason Hart

I count myself as one of those who was actually excited to get Brevin Knight as a backup point guard during the offseason. Maybe my expectations were a little too high. I have grown increasingly frustrated with Knight's performance as the season has worn, and I have frequently wondered why Ronnie Price isn't getting the backup minutes by now. I expect that change to come any day.

I have heard it said that Brevin Knight is a good backup point guard because he doesn't "hurt" you. However, I was hearing similar arguments on behalf of Jaron Colins about 3-4 years ago. I think the Jazz need more than someone who doesn't hurt them in the backup point guard position, and I also question whether it is true that Brevin Knight doesn't hurt them.

Consider the 32.9% shooting percentage for the season (most of those shots being open 15 foot jumpers). Also consider the 0.00% on 3PT field goals (0-5). If he was making up for it with great defense and steals, then I might feel more comfortable, but his steals per game equals his turnovers per game (.94/game).

I know that Sloan is a sucker for Stanford grads, but, as he seems to have concluded with Collins, I think the Jazz have better options.


Orlando said...

Welcome, Coach.

I too was excited about Brevin Knight, until i realized I hadn't seen him play since college. He's lost a step.

I would list the Jazz' needs thusly:
1. Interior defense
2. A legitimate scoring threat on the wing (no, CJ Miles does not qualify)
3. A backup PG.

Draft Guru said...

The Coach!... it's nice to have you on board. I was discussing this same exact argument with friends during the last Jazz/Suns game. I believe Ronnie Price would give us more scoring and defense.

Tucker McCann said...

But the argument should be phrased thusly: WHO IS BETTER? Brevin Knight or Jason Hart? It is a scientific fact that Knight is much better than Hart.

So let it be written.

(Although I also agree that we should be playing Price ahead of Knight).

BUT, last season, the two worst players in the NBA were i) Jarron Collins, and ii) Jason Hart (in that order). So at least we got rid of one of them.

Orlando said...

Fun fact: Jason Hart was cut by the Clippers.

Have you seen the Clippers lineup? It is pretty hard to distinguish yourself as the crappiest player among that group.

Tucker McCann said...

Thank you for proving my point Crotty Kid! How is that the Jazz (playoff bound) could carry Jason Hart for a whole year, yet the Clippers (not Playoff bound) waive him?

Coach Tom NiSexy said...

Booner--you are probably right about the order of the two worst players LAST season. However, THIS season, it goes like this: 1) Jarron Collins; 2) Tie between Brevin Knight and Jason Hart. I actually haven't seen Jason Hart play this year, so what I am really saying is that last year's Jason Hart is equal to this year's Brevin Knight.

Tucker McCann said...

Saying that last year's Jason Hart = this year's Brevin Knight is ridiculous, seeing as Jason Hart is no longer an NBA Player, whereas Brevin Knight is.

Your argument is akin to saying last month's gonorrhea = this month's syphillis.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Interesting analogy, Booner, and one I hope you don't have personal experience with.

Knight doesn't worry me much because come playoff time he's going to be getting about five minutes a game. He'll run the offense fine, maybe get a steal and knock down a wide open J if he sees one.

Boozer and Memo vs. Gasol and Odom worries me a bit more, as does AK's lingering injury and Jerry's addiction to Collins. said...

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