Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Magic of KJZZ

For those of you who missed the Jazz telecast last night against the New York Knicks, you missed some great television. Let me fill you in:

Steve Brown went up to the box seats where LDS Church President, Thomas S. Monson, was watching the game to interview the church leader. It was a typical Steve Brown train wreck interview, full of silly questions and Brown interrupting President Monson one word into his responses. 

The real magic came immediately after the interview, however. Here is a transcript of the ensuing dialogue between Boller and Booner:

Boller: Thanks, Steve. You never know who will be in the arena. Good to hear from a #1 Jazz fan.

Booner: You know, he once told me who his favorite college player was. Guess who?

Boller: Who?

Booner: (emphatically) Your's truly.

Boller: The Booner?

Booner: Yes, sir.

Boller: errrrr...(extended pause)...Well, back to the action. 


Orlando said...

I would have enjoyed knowing Booner's favorite prophet.

Draft Guru said...

A truly golden, award-winning Steve Brown moment indeed. You could see that Pres. Monson just wanted his time alone to watch the game.

torrey ellis said...

I missed the interview, I was too busy gathering my family around me to have a FHE. But I like the Prophet's idea of centering FHE around the Jazz, It would really help my kid's faith in Stockton, Coach Sloan, and D-will.

The Jazz are true!

Märta Harr said...

I'm disappointed!

game sportswear said...

Utah Jazz is one of my favorite teams in the NBA.