Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Intro Battles

So, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal have been battling it out... over who can put on the most hilariously entertaining pre-game introduction.

First, it was LeBron and his boys from the Cavs performing the photoshoot. And not to be outdone, Shaq came up with something (perhaps) even better, the bowling routine.

Personally, I'd have to admit that I probably enjoyed the photoshoot more than the bowling skit. However, the classic 'thing' with every Shaq intro-show is that he's always "the centerpiece" of the comedy act. He's the one that will always get the big laughs. It's the Shaq show! I don't think that the Big Cactus can be outdone in this regard. His personality measures up to be close the same size as his ego (and for that... he'll always be more likable and enjoyable than today's NBA villians, ie. Kobe).

My question is... when will the Jazz put together their own pre-game intro-skit? Can you imagine Jerry Sloan's reaction to it? I wonder what the Jazz would do? Something involving Kirilenko, Memo, Fes, Kosta, KK and Harp... with D-Will leading the way could be pretty entertaining & funny. How 'bout alpine skiing? Boy-band rock concert?... (with synchronized dance moves). Or the dance club-dance off?

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Orlando said...

This is the best pre-game innovation in the NBA since jock jams!

Jerry Sloan is turning over in his grave.