Sunday, March 8, 2009

RuPaul and the Raptors

Sounds like a catchy 80's band name doesn't it? Good guess. But the name really comes from Shaquille O'Neal's recent description of the team the Jazz play this afternoon: the Toronto Raptors. After a February 27th Suns' victory over the Raptors, O'Neal compared the Raptor's best player Chris Bosh to 90's drag queen RuPaul. The Raptors have responded to O'Neal's criticism by ... losing their last three games. That's one way to silence your critics. The Raptors losing streak currently sits at four games and they are going to have their hands full with our red hot Jazz.

One thing the Raptors do have going for them is a great blog. Check out this excellent post breaking down today's match up.

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