Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking Crotty's last post a step further, with the playoffs fast approaching and the crucial final stretch starting tonight for many of the western playoff contenders (Lakers excluded), the following is my prediction for the final standings and playoff seeding. All of the 2-8 western playoff hopefuls have games remaining against their western counterparts, but some have considerably lighter schedules (San Antonio and Denver) than others (Utah and New Orleans). Even predicting that Utah pulls off two road wins against western playoff opponents, I still don't see them rising higher than the 6 seed.

  1. Lakers
  2. San Antonio (56-26)
  3. Denver (54-28)
  4. Houston (52-30) Wins tiebreaker by beating Portland in their next head-to-head.
  5. Portland (52-30)
  6. Utah (51-31)
  7. New Orleans (50-32) Wins tiebreaker by beating Dallas one more time this year.
  8. Dallas (50-32)


JC said...

NBA scheduling FTW

Tucker McCann said...

1. Lakers
2. Spurs
3. Rockets
4. Jazz
5. Nuggs
6. Blazers
7. Hornets
8. Mavericks

I realize this is optimistic, in terms of the Jazz's tough tough road schedule, but I am an optimistic Jazz fan.

Now, while I am at it, let me do Golden Griff's projections as well (the same guy who once proposed a straight-across-trade of Jarron Collins for Kevin Garnett).

1. Jazz
2. Doesn't Matter
3. Doesn't Matter
4. Doesn't Matter
5. Doesn't Matter
6. Doesn't Matter
7. Doesn't Matter
8. Doesn't Matter

Pasty Gangsta said...

Since I'm pretty familiar with the Jazz schedule from here on out, I decided the other day to look at Denver's to see what our division championship chances are. After doing so let me say on the record that there is no way we can pass them.

First of all they only have three road games left, and one of those is at Minnesota. Their home opponents are the Knicks, Jazz, Clippers, Thunder, and Kings. Minus the Jazz I'm not sure you could pick five teams you'd rather play. And come to think of it, given our road woes, you might actually pick us.

Although I am an upbeat Jazz fan, the Nuggets have won the division. Let it be written.

Orlando said...

Booner predicted about a month ago, on this very blog, that the Jazz would miss the playoffs.

I'd call him a bipolar Jazz fan.

I think Coach is right: the sixth seed is about what we should be shooting for. Let's just hope we get matched with the Rockets.

Tucker McCann said...

If Booner is a bipolar Jazz fan, then so is Crotty Kid, who (as I recently pointed out) proclaimed that the Jazz gave up on Kirk Snyder much too early, and then communicated to us all yesterday how Snyder's recent arrest proved that he never meshed with the Jazz . . . or some crap like that.

So suck on your own bipolarism you hypocritical fool!

I will admit that my predictions have definitely ebbed and flowed, but so does the NBA Season, so I feel justified in changing my outlook.

Case Closed!

Coach Tom NiSexy said...


Given that you bet me, just one month ago, that the Jazz would end up in the 7, 8, or 9 position, I'd like to propose a double-or-nothing bet, given your sudden change of heart. As you know, if the Jazz end up at 6 or better, then I win our initial bet. However, I will double down on that bet and say that if the Jazz get a 5 or higher seed, you owe me nothing, but if the Jazz end up in the 6 spot, then you owe me TWO lunches instead of one. Do we have a deal?

Tucker McCann said...

Coach Tom NiSexy, I don't speak Croatian.

Please re-propose your wager in English.

Coach Tom NiSexy said...

Booner and I just had an offline conversation in which he admitted that his predictions are "willy-nilly" and he would not accept my subsequent bet offer. He also said that his mind tends to be a little "willy nilly", which makes it hard for him to understand compound sentences.

The Golden Griff said...

Wow. This is awesome banter.

Anonymous said...

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