Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cry Me a River

One of the best parts of beating the Nuggets is listening to their post-game excuses. They have to be one of the whiniest teams in the league and Coach Karl leads the way. Here is what he had to say about the Nuggets 97-91 loss to the Jazz:

“The frustration of them getting the whistle is really hard sometimes to overcome in this building.”

J. R. Smith’s post game comments were even more pathetic.

"They came out in the third quarter and [the officials] started blowing the whistle. They got every call. They got to the free-throw line. That's what opened it up."

Even Chauncey Billups, Mr. Big Shot, got in on the action, before catching himself and giving the Jazz a little credit.

"... In the third quarter, they scored most of their points from the free-throw line. It's kind of weird how that happens. But you have to give them credit. They attacked."

At the All-star break the Nuggets looked like they were going to be tough to catch. But Coach Karl and his guys have now lost five straight road games. Let’s hope they have a lot more excuses to make before the season is over.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

See my comment on Griff's post. I did think Carmelo's 5th was pretty bad. However, we're tough at home and were aggressive the 2nd half. We were going to win that game no matter what.