Friday, March 6, 2009

By the Nuggets

One of the great things about subscribing to the NBA League Pass is getting a taste for the local telecast teams from each franchise. Each team has its own quirks. Some examples include Portland's Mike Barrett, who calls every player on the Blazers by their first name, or Miami's Eric Reid, who calls each shot made by Dwyane Wade as if it were the winning shot in the NBA Finals. Each franchise's telecast team are at least slightly biased toward the team they cover (which should be no surprise).

However, there is no NBA broadcast team that reaches the heights (or lows, rather) of homerism like the Nuggets' Chris Marlowe and Scott Hastings (pictured left and right, respectively). Their on-air comments towards the opposing team and NBA officials are consistently comparable in rationale and maturity to the student section at the Marriott Center 

Thankfully, tonight's game is being broadcast on ESPN since Marlowe and Hastings have a special vitriol for the Jazz. According to these two jokers: 
  • The Jazz are a bunch of cheap shot artists 
  • The Jazz learned all they know about playing dirty from Jerry Sloan. 
  • Matt Harpring, in particular, is a criminal who should not be let in the same building as upstanding citizens like JR Smith, Carmelo Anthony or Kenyon Martin 

By the way, it takes a man like Carmelo to sucker punch someone and then run to his bench.

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Pasty Gangsta said...

I wonder what those two jokers thought of Anthony's 5th foul. Even I thought it was ridiculous. . . they must have been apoplectic.