Friday, March 6, 2009

It's Go Time

For Northwest Supremacy, tonight’s game of Jazz versus Nuggets couldn’t be any bigger. The Jazz are on a role, while the Nuggets are currently placed where the Jazz want to be. Last night, Denver handed the other Northwest contender Portland a swift loss, and now on the back-to-back, it’s “Go Time” for the Jazz to lay a swift division supremacy whooping on the weary Denver Nuggets. Here are the match-ups I’m looking forward to watching:

DWill “the Franchise” vs. Chauncey Ba-Ba-Ba-Billups!
Denver getting Chauncey was a downright steal. He’s completely changed the fortunes of that team. DWill, for the Jazz, is the engine that runs the good-ship Utah. This is a classic match-up of top-tier ball-controllers. Let’s see who wins the time of possession. I believe that it was Chauncey Billups who got the All-Star nod over DWill. No?! It’s time for revenge!

AK47 Defending Carmelo
There’s no other defender that gets under Crymelo’s skin other than Andrei Kirilenko. AK always forces CA into taking tough, contested shots. Let’s see if Andrei can cause another Crymelo-fest tonight.

Booz & Sap Versus Nene’, Petro and the Birdman?
Wow. We ought to dominate the paint tonight! And if we don’t, that’ll be the story of the game.

Brewer And J.R.
Both players are on the up-swing. Each possesses a certain degree of athleticism and pizzazz. Smith could probably be considered more of a tumult rather than pizzazz. He’s got a nice jumper… but he’s terribly out-of-control.

The Money-Man
Memo is in a category ‘all to himself’. He can’t be stopped. Who’s going to guard him? I don’t think Denver has a match-up for him. He’ll run circles around the Denver big-guys… casting away three-pointers at will. If he’s “On”… look-out!

Here's to the Jazz in a homecourt-laden beatdown tonight!


Ryan said...

DWill v. Mr. Bigshot should be a great matchup. Both are big guards who take care of the ball well and can finish in the paint. If you don't think Chauncey is a big-time player, look at how Detriot has faired without him and what he has brought to the Nuggets. It's pretty amazing. That being said, I think DWill will get the best of Billups tonight. The way he has been playing, I'd take DWill over any other PG in the league, CP3 included.

Orlando said...

Let the birdman fly!

Also, I don't want to start a brawl, but last night I wathced CP3 on TV. He's about as unstoppable a point guard as I've seen in a long time.

Tucker McCann said...

CP3 is 'unstoppable,' until he plays against D Will, who gives CP3 fits! I went to the New Orleans v. Jazz game a few weeks ago, and D Will had CP3 uber-frustrated by the time the 4th quarter rolled around. It was great. CP3 was on the edge . . . ready to go nuts.

D Will is better than CP3, and that is not bias talking, it is reality talking, and nobody can take reality away from me, not even The Crotty Kid with his unrealistic ideology of unicorns and wizards!

Anonymous said...

CP3 is great and definitely a better fantasy guy. But If I had to pick one point guard to lead my team to the promised land, it would be DWill, hands down. It will show tonight against Billups.