Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

After avenging their loss to the second-worst team in the NBA last night, the Jazz now begin to prepare for the home stretch. Two weeks ago, I wrote that the Jazz' recent East coast jaunt would either set them up for a run at a high playoff seed, or a dogfight to stay out of the Western conference basement. Well, after going 2-3 on said trip, it looks like we're going to be fighting for playoff scraps.

Now, before you tell me that the Jazz are only a game and a half out of third place in the West, take a look at what looms on the horizon. On Friday the Jazz take on a suprisingly effective Thunder team in Oklahoma (spoilter alert: this will not be an easy game). Then, next week, a home game against the Rockets (take that one to the bank), followed by a home and away series with the Suns (both games should end up in the 130s). Following the Shaq double play, we get a freebie with the Knicks at home. Overall, I feel comfortable predicting a 4-1 record for the rest of March.

But then comes April. And April is a bitch. Six road games against Western Conference playoff teams (Portland, Denver, New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio, Lakers) mixed in with three home games against cupcakes (Minnesota, Clippers, Warriors). Oh, by the way, guess how many road wins the Jazz currently own against teams with winning records: ONE! The Jazz continue to be a terrible road team. Thus, barring any shockers, we're looking at a 3-6 record in April.

Bottom line: I don't see the Jazz having home court in the first round. And, unless we get a dream matchup (read: Rockets) that will mean a quick vacation.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Key game: Phoenix at Phoenix. Decent team but one we should beat on the road at full strength. Exactly the type of game that will determine our playoff status, and thus probably how far we go this year.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Also, "On the Road" is the best book ever written.



Orlando said...

Couldn't agree more, PG. We need two wins against Phoenix next week. 5-0 to end the month would be wonderful.

Tucker McCann said...

I recently re-read ON THE ROAD, and sure enough, it IS the best novel ever written.