Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Contract Games

As Gordon Monson notes in the first of his three-part series on Deron Williams, the point guard's contract situation is said to be under control and the team is essentially just waiting for him to tell them how many years he wants (three, four or five). Given the Carlos Boozer/Cleveland saga and more recently, the Baron Davis explosion that rocked the Bay Area, I certainly hope the Jazz take care of business and agree to his terms. Last week the Warriors had an All-Star point guard and were worried only about how much money to give Monta Ellis. Two days ago the Baron opted out of his deal. When reached -- on a Hawaiian golf course, no doubt -- Don Nelson intimated that this was no big deal and everything was under control. The issue was not one of money, but of how many years to give him. A minor matter, really. Today Davis is a Clipper.

I realize Deron's situation is different as he's coming off the rookie contract but please, so I can sleep at night, let's just get this thing taken care of.

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Orlando said...

Deron will sign. It makes no sense for him not to - we can offer way more money and a bright future.

But, don't be shocked if the announced deal is only for three years with a player option for a fourth year. He likely will (and should) wait to see what happens with the Jazz' roster over the next four years.