Thursday, July 17, 2008

What Has CJ Been Doing with His Free Time?

What has the most polarizing third-string shooting guard in Jazz history been up to now that he has cleared his summer schedule of any professional basketball related activities? Two things, mostly: games of dynamite against 7-year olds and rapping.
First, he made a cameo at Dallas' Schimelpfenig Middle School (actual name). The article states that Miles was one of the final six contestants in the knock-out tournament (note: knockout is referred to as Dynamite in Utah). The other five contestants were all 7-year olds. When Miles missed a free throw he would throw down a vicious dunk over those little posers. The article doesn't report who won, but the kids were "wowed" by Miles' shooting ability. That's a good sign, right?

Second, he is making music. Really good music. Actually he made this rap last summer with former Jazzman and current Wizard Dee Brown. But its still hot enough for summer '08! Hopefully with all his time off he can work on his freestyle rhymes and put Shaq to shame. Maybe Jerry will be impressed with his chops and stick him in the rotation.

P.S. Please rely on these links for all of your CJ Miles information. Do not do a google image or youtube search for "CJ Miles" unless you are looking for the latest phillipino soft-core porn star.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Advice rejected. I'll Googled CJ Miles and was not at all unhappy with what I found.

Orlando said...

To each their own.