Monday, July 21, 2008

Filling CJ's Slot

Now that CJ is on his way to the prarie, the Jazz suddenly have an open roster slot. (CJ is not officially gone; but he will be, mark my word). So, assuming that the Jazz put someone in that 15th slot (a big assumption) who do they nab?

A Restricted Free Agent: Most of the guys that I wanted when free agency began are gone. But there is one big afro still on that list who hasn't signed anywhere - Josh Childress. Unfortunately, it looks like Childress wants more than the MLE - he's threatening to sign a 3-year deal with a Greek team. While I doubt he actually heads to the Aegean Sea this fall, it appears he is looking to get out of Atlanta. But the Jazz are going to have to do more than offer the MLE; Atlanta will match that in a heartbeat. So the only way we get Childress is in a sign and trade. And no, CJ cannot be included in such a trade.

Most other valuable restricted free agents still out there are out of our financial league, although a few (Delonte West, Ryan Gomes, Louis Williams) would make me proud as our 15th man.

An Unrestricted Free Agent: Kwame Brown anyone? Don't scoff just because he sucks. We need to increase our lottery picks. He has hands of iron, but he's a huge body that plays solid defense - two things that Jarron Collins lacks. I wouldn't mind the Jazz throwing a few million at the former #1 overall and hoping he can play defense for 10 minutes a night.

A more likely Jazz signing might be Bostjan Nachbar. The incredibly pale small forward is like a Matt Harpring clone with better outside shooting. Plus, he is from Slovenia, which would mean that we could finally let Deron run wild backed only by 4 Eastern Europeans. How could a lineup of Okur, Fes, Kirilenko, and Nachbar not succeed?

A Rocky Mountain Revue Guy: Karolev, Britton Johnson, the bevy of point guards that were abused by George Hill? This would be a cheap move, but wouldn't improve the club any. I'd rather that the Jazz...

Do Nothing: The Jazz usually don't have a 15th guy. This year probably won't be any different.

[Update: It is being reported that Childress really is going to Greece. Who knew? Also, Nachbar is headed to Russia (thanks for the heads up Guru). All hail the mighty Euro.]


Rich said...

Nachbar's "awesome quotient" is high for the following two reasons:

1) He's from Slovenia

2) And he's rolling Crotty Kid's all-time favorite song on his myspace page. Check-it out:

Draft Guru said...

Childress goes to Greece with Olympiacos and Boki Nachbar signs with a Russian team (Dynamo Moscow?). Go figure. I wouldn't mind Kwame Brown for a few mil.

Orlando said...

HAHA! That myspace page is divine. OOOO, Barracuda! Love the "NJ Nets, '07 NBA Champs." Time to update the page, Bostjan.

Damn the exchange rate! What if Okur wants to play in Ankara next year?

UtesFan89 said...

On the plus side... Jason Hart is no longer on the Jazz!