Monday, July 14, 2008

The Revue

Ah, the Revue. As the Guru notes in his latest post, it's upon us once again. And it's come a long way since it was held in East High's flood prone Mickey Oswald Fieldhouse. Which, incidentally, has since become the site of a new and, in my mind at least, less intriguing annual event: the filming of the damn High School Musical series. Old Os is no doubt rolling over in his grave.

But I digress. Below are three things you'll see for sure at this year's Revue:
  • A Jazz roster featuring names like Mike Efevberha, Haminn Quaintance, and Leemire LaTray Goldwire. The Jazz have 15 players under contract but hardly any of them are going to play in the Revue, so we have to field a team somehow. Anyway, better luck next year, gentlemen. There's no room at the Jazz Inn this year. . . enjoy your season in the IBA.
  • The Iranian national team. That's right. As the Bush Administration contemplates air strikes against the regime in Tehran, the most conservative state in the nation is hosting their basketball team. Not exactly a hardwood version of the Miracle on Ice, but close enough. Color me unsurprised if a group of Young Republicans from Orem starts chanting "Ahmadinejad Sucks" during halftime of one of the games.
  • A team of D League All-Stars. Isn't this entire squad an oxymoron? If you're an all-star in the D League you should either a) not even be in the league because you're in the NBA or b) at least be playing with an NBA team during the summer (like Fes and Almond).
And three things I hope you'll see:
  • A breakout performance from Fesenko. I've been picking up a lot of rumors that the Jazz brass is very excited about his work ethic and development. I'd love to see that translate to big numbers on the court. Come on Fes -- we need you!
  • A sharpshooting Mo Almond. It's likely he'll be buried on the bench again this year, but if CJ leaves and someone else gets injured. . . you never know. We could always use another shooter, especially one who is more athletic than Korver.
  • CJ suiting up. Eh, a guy can always dream.


Orlando said...

Wow, is that THE Mickey Oswald? Is the fieldhouse named after him because he was such a great missionary? If that's the case I can see it being renamed "The Golden Griff Fieldhouse" before the end of the decade.

By the way, I'm not sure that Almond is more athletic than Korver. From what I've heard he may be our least athletic 2 guard.

Draft Guru said...

More like..."The Golden Griff Stadium" rather than Tally Stevens.

Agreed. Almond isn't more athletic than Korver. Good shooter though. I'm gonna try and make it up for a RMR session in SLC.

Orlando said...

I look forward to your Revue insight, Guru.

TCG is, without a doubt, the only viable Utah Jazz blog with no Wasatch Front correspondent. Sorry Rising Stock.

Pasty Gangsta said...

I'm pretty sure that's Mickey himself. Two interesting tidbits on him that I discovered as I wrote this blog post: a) a few people have actually gone on line and to write about what a great East High PE teacher he was back in the day and b) he appears to play a mean game of horseshoes with leaders of the LDS Church.

As for the Almond comment. . . are you seriously telling me there is someone in the NBA who is LESS athletic than Korver?

I strongly support naming something at East High after the Golden Griff.

Orlando said...

Pasty - the answer to your Korver question is yes. In fact, I will list a number of current Jazz players that are less athletic than Korver: Collins, Harpring, Hart, Almond. I mean Korver is bordering on being on the athletic side of things.