Thursday, July 10, 2008

Why Not?

As a Jazz fan, it's always fun to listen to trade rumors and create your your own trade offers using the Trade Machine. In this edition of Jazz GM, I offer some trade ideas and possible acquisitions under the heading... "Why Not?" I believe these opportunities could possibly benefit the Jazz this coming season.

Sign Alonzo Mourning

Why? He could be a force for the Jazz inside the paint. He'd only have to play about 15 minutes per game, and his defensive prowess and shotblocking would be heaven-sent. The Jazz could sign him for a 1-yr deal.
Why Not? Will his health hold up? Does he want to leave Miami? Something tells me..."No". Memories of Ronnie Seikaly may come back to the surface (of someone who doesn't want to play in Utah...even if it's just for a year).

Trade Collins, Hart and Almond to Indiana for Jeff Foster

Why? Foster can play some D in the paint. He may not be a shotblocker, but he can man-up. His contract is only for a season. We'd give away expirings and an asset shooter in order to make the deal. Doesn't Foster just look like a Jazz-man?

Why Not? We probably wouldn't re-sign Foster after this next season. We already have some young centers in the pipeline that could help us out. This acquisition could possibly stunt their growth.

Sign & Trade CJ Miles to New Jersey for Sean Williams

Why? The Jazz need post defense and shotblocking. New Jersey needs wing players. Williams could help us defend the paint. CJ would be a nice young piece for NJ.

Why Not? Sean Williams has been known to be a "loose cannon". Can he keep it together while playing in Utah? Would the Jazz want to gamble on his talent?

Sign & Trade AK, Miles and Almond to Philly for Iguodala and Green
Why? The Jazz could use a dominant shooting guard in the line-up. Iguodala has it all...athleticism, scoring ability, upside, and unselfishness. He would become the best shooting guard the Jazz have ever had; not only on the current roster, but compared to all past greats. He could be the missing piece. The Sixers need wing play and shooting from the perimeter. Miles and Almond are young shooters. Kirilenko would provide another piece to a formidable Philly frontline.

Why Not? Philly is probably set with Brand coming on board. I think they'll be satisfied with resigning Iguodala. Why would they make this trade?

Trade Boozer to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace and Sean May

Why? Are we confident Boozer will sign with us next summer? He may bolt without the Jazz getting anything back in return. This trade allows the Jazz to pick up a great wing defender and save us a few bucks in the future by not having to sign Boozer. I believe our point guard (Deron) is SO good that he can potentially make any power forward look great...even Sean May. Charlotte needs an offensive force. Boozer is it. This is a classic rumor going around the internet. Be careful of those rumors!

Why Not? Boozer is one of the keystone players to the current Jazz franchise. Would we give up on the Booz now, while we're a contender?


Now...Jazz brass would never do it, but can you imagine Artest playing for the Jazz. Pickin' fights, beatin' down foes, wrestling get the idea. That would be sweet! Maybe we need to get him before LA does.

And finally, word has it that Detroit may be putting together an offer for CJ Miles. This rumor is coming from We'll have to see what happens.


Orlando said...

Man, I would love Artest in Utah. A lockdown defender!?!?! But he still thinks he's an offensive weapon - whereas he should just try and be a rich man's Dennis Rodman.

I like the Foster trade. I also think it has a good shot - indiana has no use for him next year.

One more for you - how about AK/Miles to Houston for Battier/Bobby Jackson? Gets Miles back to Texas, gives the Jazz a great shooter/defender at the 3 spot and Jackson's deal is up after this year. Houston needs to do a makeover of that team. Do they roll the dice with Yao/McGrady/Kirilenko?

UtesFan89 said...

As long as Artest doesn't get himself ejected every 3rd game, I could live with it.

As for Charlotte... I think you have to go after Okafor instead of May. Don't you? Plus, you add another wing. So someone (hopefully Harpring) gets dealt elsewhere. Or maybe throw Harpring into the Artest deal.

Jackson would just give us another PG. And the team is "set", as they decided after letting Dee Brown leave even when they had a chance to match the offer. Because Jason Hart is a "solid PG".

Pasty Gangsta said...

Guru, you know I love and respect your opinions. But let me relate a story. I graduated from Georgetown in 2001. My senior year we all got together and signed a card for Alonzo Mourning because he'd just had major kidney surgery. That was seven years ago, and I'm pretty sure he was in his 30s at the time. In other words, I'd prefer to not see him in a Jazz uniform.

Would love Foster (strong backup center for my fantasy team last year when O'Neal was out, which was basically every game) and would really love Iguodala, although I don't think we can get him. I also wouldn't mind trading the Booze because a) he sucked in the playoffs last year and b) I really like Paul.

Orlando said...

Just for the record, although I would love Artest, he and Jerry Sloan would wrestle to the death. I would put my money on Sloan.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Oh, one other thing. The problem with the Houston trade is the unwritten rule about doing business with teams in your conference that are roughly at your level. Personally I think it's stupid -- if it improves your team, why not go for it? But the GMs hold fast to it. Can't see us cutting a deal with the Rockets.

Orlando said...

I have to agree with Pasty and veto the Mourning signing. Also, i doubt the Nets would part with Williams (who has shown real potential) for CJ (who has not).

Jeff Foster is destined to be a Jazz man. I don't know if it will be a trade or free agency, but he has everything that the Jazz look for: tall, hard worker, good citizen, limited offensively.