Friday, July 25, 2008

Jazz Match

Welcome Back CJ! Hope you enjoyed your week of Oklahoma City bliss. The Jazz decided to match CJ's offer sheet with Oklahoma City, which will give him a 4-year deal worth $15.8 million.

In just a year's time, the Jazz have gone from a dearth of talented, experienced wing players to an absolute plethora of them. With Morris Almond playing well in the Rocky Mountain Revue (29!), CJ's matched contract ensures that there will be limited time and minutes for all of the six wing players vying for gametime.

Kirilenko, Harpring, Korver, Brewer, Miles and Almond make up the crowded back court positions. Only two of them will end up playing at one point in time during a game. Which of them will stick around in the years to come?

With CJ going nowhere, the Jazz make it perfectly clear that he becomes their future.


Orlando said...

Ugg. Don't like this one bit. Maybe this means Harpring is headed out of town.

Draft Guru said...

I'm possibly the only one from TCG that likes the CJ signing. If anything, this should mean that Harpring isn't part of the future and Kirilenko may be the trading chip.