Monday, July 7, 2008

Tune in to the TCG

Once a week, David Locke of KFAN 1320 now holds a "blogger roundtable" on his afternoon radio show. Earlier today TCG's own Crotty Kid took to the airwaves and held forth on a number of subjects near and dear to the hearts of Jazz fans. Which free agent does Crotty think we should pick up? Which Jazzman is he willing to let go (unbeliveably it's not Jarron Collins)? Is it really true that Crotty and Chad Ford recently crossed paths at a baptism for the dead? OK, fine, we don't get an answer to that last question. . .

Listen to the interview here, and check out Locke's show on Monday's to hear more from TCG's contributors.

1 comment:

Orlando said...

My five minutes of fame just came and went! I know that my polished radio skills make it seem like I am a professional, but that was my first time on the air.

Looking forward to hearing TCG crew on the air.