Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kyle Looks Great, Even in a Turban

Instead of spending his summer vacation doing something lame like competing in the Olympics for a country with which he has no real connection, Kyle Korver is spending his summer vacation in India, teaching poor kids about the relevance of NBA basketball in their lives.

Can you spot Kyle? He's in the back row wearing a turban - three turbans over from the Laker's Ronnie Turiaf and behind the Laker's Saddam Hussein. You can read all about Kyle's adventures in the orient at NBA.com. The funniest story Kyle tells consists of ordering a Subway sandwich with spicy mustard and instead getting a Subway sandwich with plain mustard and spicy sauce!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, man, crazy things sure do happen when you travel.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Wow. Travis Hansen is a Cougar and a Communist. Thoughts on this, Golden Griff?

Ryan said...

Judging from that picture, I have no doubt the women in India are going wild over Kyle. The best thing about Travis Hansen's conversion to communism is that he's probably not even going to make the team.

Orlando said...

Let Hansen play for the Reds. If he wants to give up apple pie, baseball, and mothers for vodka, cabbage, and the KGB so be it.