Friday, June 12, 2009

Crotty Kid's Offseason Guide: Part 6

OK, kids. Draft Guru has us updated on the draft, but let's take a look at a front office decision that happens on Monday.

Boozer, Okur, and Korver still have 18 days to mull over their futures, and all indications are that at least the two important ones will take all of that time to decide. However, not everything this offseason is in the hands of fate, or Boozer's agent. The Jazz hold all the cards with one goofy, former-soviet, seven-footer. The Jazz can opt to bring back Kyrylo Fesenko for the bargain price of $870,000. But they have to do it by Monday.

Fesenko has been a complete disappointment to me. I was excited when we drafted him two years ago because I have a soft spot for active, clumsy big men. I hoped that Fesenko would develop into a bigger version of Anderson Varajao - not a threat on offense, but a defensive presence and a good garbage man. But I didn't take into account that Fesenko appears to have zero basketball IQ. And what's worse? Sloan absolutely hates his guts. For lots of reasons (but, mostly Fesenko's facebook status).
The strategic decision of whether to pick up Fesenko's option is easy: we need post players, he comes as cheap as we're going to find, and the Jazz need to save money. It's a no-brainer. The Jazz should exercise the option. But, when people piss off Sloan, they don't usually last too long in Salt Lake.


Pasty Gangsta said...

Nice call, Crotty. Pick it up we did, and three days early. If only that were a sign that Fes was actually good or that Sloan actually wanted to use him.

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