Friday, June 26, 2009

Eric Maynor

In my eyes, it was a great draft last night. I was hoping for Jeff Teague to be the impact player that slipped, but he was scooped up by Atlanta right before the Jazz' pick. With Hansborough long gone, I was convinced that the Jazz would take DeJuan Blair (who I think will be solid). I also had concerns that they would convince themselves to draft a big white guy, a moustachioed version of Kosta Koufos. But then the Jazz did something they rarely do on draft night: they took the right guy.

Now, Eric Maynor does not have the boom/bust potential of some of guys that were picked from 10-19. He's not the second coming of Deron Williams. But, he is a complete, solid point guard that Jerry Sloan will love and perhaps even play as a rookie. He is, in effect, our new Howard Eisley. And don't forget that at his peak, Eisley was a great backup point guard for the Jazz, giving us 25 solid minutes a game.

There will be more about Maynor. Hopefully Guru will chime in. But to get you excited for the Maynor era, a little clip from the 1st Round of the NCAA tournament in 2007.


Tucker McCann said...

The 2nd storyline from the Draft last night was the ABSENCE of Big Luke Neville. We had debated for weeks whether or not he would be drafted, and sure enough, he was NOT.

Pasty Gangsta said...

To be fair, I think even I might be able to take Paulus off the dribble.

But this is still a happy day. Crotty has his biggest bromance since he TiVoed every episode of Punk'd so, in his words, he "could get as close to Ashton Kutcher as possible."