Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Okur Decides On Jazz

It looks like all 3 (Korver, Boozer, & Okur) will be back with the Jazz. Mehmet Okur made his final decision on Tuesday, and he decided to finish off his contract with the Jazz at $9 million (for next season).
One thing has been made perfectly clear... the free agent market isn't as furtile as once believed. The economy has placed a huge dent in the pocket books of owners, unwilling to spend the big bucks. No one could find a better offer on the open market. So... welcome back!
What does this mean?
The Salt Lake Tribune explains...
"The Jazz are treading in dangerous territory in regard to the luxury tax. Boozer and Okur's return gives them approximately $73.5 million in salary commitments to 11 players for the upcoming season. The NBA's luxury-tax threshold is expected to be around $70 million and the Jazz would have to carry at least a league-minimum 13 players on their roster. "It could be [a problem]," Miller said, "but it's like I said before: If we need to go into the luxury tax to protect our players and protect our team, keep it intact, we'd have to take a look at that." Should the Jazz become luxury-tax payers, Miller added that they would be "very deliberate" in making the decision. "It's not something we're going to do on a whim," he said."
1. Look for teams to pursue Paul Millsap aggressively, hoping the Jazz will flinch at a large contract (I could see an offer in the $8-10 million a year range). If above $10 mil, let him go.
2. If the Jazz don't want to be in luxury tax land, and desire to keep and match for Millsap regardless... Look for the Jazz to unload Boozer or Okur or Kirilenko (good luck with AK!) to a team for cap space (Detroit or Memphis likely), a player and maybe a pick.


Orlando said...

Okur opting in tells me that the Jazz weren't willing to meet his asking price for an extension. That doesn't bode well for next year. We're now looking at Okur and Boozer bolting next summer, with Millsap already gone.

I hope Fes is ready.

Jazz Fan said...

Im OK with Memo staying. I like him. He is a big part of our team. Sloan likes him, the fans like him, he is a 3 point threat, etc. I think this works out in our favor. I am slightly concerned that we are going to be hurting in 2010. He can walk without the Jazz getting anything in return. If Fesenko is our starting center, I will not renew my season tickets. I will sell all of my Jazz stuff, and probably become a Boston Fan. Ok, Ok, let's not get drastic.
As a fan, I am trying to figure all of this out. Again, I am happy that Memo came back (I like him), but who is advising this guy? Next season, he wont be able to do anything. The FA market next year is way too packed with better talent. Is he going to come back to Utah?? And if so, for what price?
I think the Jazz need to look for some help. Not on the court, but in the front office. Kevin O'Connor and Randy Rigby are content with making the 2nd round of the playoffs. CAN THEM!!!!!!!!! We are now screwed. I cant wait for the rebuilding period to begin in Utah, I just hope that Deron Williams is a part of it.

torrey ellis said...

I think this is all great for the Jazz. If boozer left we would have resigned Milsap at $8-10mm which he is not worth, as much as I love him he is not worth that. We have so much flexability now. We can trade anyone on our team (except Dwill) due to expiring contracts to help make the team better. Or we have 5 players (Booze, Okur, Korver, Brewer, Harpring) Playing for new contracts. We have the Knicks pick. We will have cap space next year and the next once AK is gone and Dwill to recruit top guys. Hopefully KOC is the guy to take us through it all. He did nothing yesterday and desrves no credit or blame, the players choose to opt in. All in all it was a great day for the Jazz

Orlando said...

I kind of agree, Torrey. We have major flexibility now. BUt the cupboard is barren next year. We need to convert the expiring contracts into assets, a task that is harder than it looks.

Hoping for a major free agent to come to Utah in 2010 or anytime is a mirage.