Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hot For Millsap

The Newark Star-Ledger weighs in on the Boozer / Millsap fiasco from another team's perspective (New Jersey and Detroit). Speaking of Rob Pelinka, Boozer's agent, the Star Ledger suggests:
"His client will make $12.6M next year if he doesn't opt out. Where else will he get that $12.6?
We assume Pelinka floated this idea in case he needs a Plan B if the Detroit connection doesn't happen for them. And he undoubtedly has heard what we're hearing: The Pistons are now giving as much (if not more) consideration to Paul Millsap, to the tune of $8-9M per year, which is an ample jump from the $797K he was paid last season.
And if Detroit has cooled on Boozer, he's going to have to scramble to find anything like the 5/60M he's looking for - or thinks he deserves.
Can't see it. Not in Jersey, perhaps not anywhere."

It looks as though Paul Millsap will be the first dominoe to fall. Since Detroit is virtually the only team willing to spend significant salary dollars this summer, they'll be the team to watch and follow. Most likely, they'll offer an outlandish deal to Paul Millsap (8-10M per season), waiting to see if the Jazz flinch. Once the Jazz match (which I believe they will... up to a certain point), Detroit will then go after Boozer... expecting that the Jazz WILL NOT follow-up on Boozer's bidding. How high do the Jazz go to match Millsap's contract? That's the key question! Also, does Millsap's "preferred status" among other teams (as well as the Jazz) effect Boozer's opt-out decision?
My Prediction: I still believe Boozer and Memo will opt-out, and the Jazz will prefer to match for Millsap. With whatever is left-over, the Jazz will re-sign Memo. Boozer will go to Detroit, or will be tough-out-of-luck. No sign-and-trade will be negotiated for Boozer because the Jazz will be side-stepping away from the luxury tax line.


Anonymous said...

Nice write up. I do think that Detroit is going to pursue Millsap first and offer him about $8 million a year. It is the smarter move and he will cost roughly half of what Boozer costs. I also think that Boozer will opt and not find the deal he wants. The interesting thing will be that if the Jazz match Millsap and Boozer can't find a good deal, would Boozer be willing to return for one year and try his luck again next season? It would be the smarter decision for Carlos. Maybe he would go elsewhere out of shame, but if all Booze is going to get is 8-10 million also, the Jazz would consider it, I imagine.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Great write-up, Guru. Let us hope the scenario comes true and we get Millsap, giving us a power forward who actually plays and a smaller contract to boot.