Monday, June 22, 2009

Re-shuffling The Deck

The Jazz continue their workout sessions with more players today. DeJuan Blair from Pittsburgh has come to visit the Jazz for a workout. With Blair, Johnson and Hansbrough all visiting the Jazz, it's safe to say that neither player has a complete feel for where they'll end up on draft night. Each of these three players have been mentioned to be lottery picks, at one point or another. Yet, it's quite possible that one of them might slip on draft night. The Jazz are certainly looking for big, burly, physical forwards to join the line-up.

Considering draft night, it couldn't be shaping up to be more confusing and unpredictable. has come out with the player listing of who has been invited to the Green Room for draft night and who has/hasn't accepted their invitations. It's an interesting list, considering the Jazz are situated on the backend of that listing. Here's who's been invited:

1. Blake Griffin 2. James Harden 3. Hasheem Thabeet 4. Ricky Rubio 5. Jordan Hill 6. Tyreke Evans 7. Stephen Curry 8. Jonny Flynn 9. Demar DeRozan 10. Jrue Holiday 11. Gerald Henderson 12. Brandon Jennings 13. Tyler Hansbrough 14. B.J. Mullens (potentially declining) 15. James Johnson (declining invite)16. Eric Maynor (potentially declining).

Not listed are Terrence Williams, Austin Daye, Earl Clark, DeJuan Blair and Ty Lawson. Another interesting tidbit from this article was the comment that believes the Jazz may be considering Taj Gibson at #20, potentially "shaking things up" on draft night.


Pasty Gangsta said...

According to this morning's D News, Blair is an undersized power forward who weighs more than 300 pounds and has two bad knees (he tore both ACLs in high school).

Let's do it!

sex shop said...

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