Friday, June 26, 2009

Draft Day Dynamo

The Jazz hit a home-run with their Draft Day selection in the 1st Round, picking VCU's Eric Maynor at pick #20. Assuredly, the Jazz made the smart pick.

Maynor could easily become the best back-up PG we've ever had for the Jazz. Truthfully, he's very similar to one, Howard Eisley... steady, efficient, capable of running a team, very savy & smart, a good passer and a future team leader. It'll be good to know that when Deron Williams leaves the ballgame, we'll have a solid back-up to spell him for a change.

In this draft (and especially at pick 20), you gotta take the best available sure-thing. Maynor was the guy. Teague (and his intrigue) was off the board, Blair had suspect knees, Mullens was too much of a boom or bust risk, and anybody else around, just wasn't going to make a real dent in the line-up. Maynor was the best guy. He'll play right away (we'll have to see what happens to Ronnie Price). I really like the pick.

Grade: A-

In the 2nd Round, the Jazz opted to go big. However, the pick was somewhat typical of Jazz selections in the past, in a somewhat unexpected, unusual manner.

Is it a prerequisite for Jazz centers to be able to launch the long-ball? On the roster, we have Kosta Koufos and Mehmet Okur (hopefully) who are capable long range shooters. What they don't bring to the table is real shot-blocking, defense or physical toughness in the paint. Goran Suton, the Jazz' 2nd Round draft pick from Michigan State, is somewhat of a hybrid, rugged version of Okur and Koufos... yet with less talent, ability and expectation. Best case scenario might be a Brian Scalabrine/Michael Doleac mix? Suton can shoot the outside jumper (43% 3-point), but doesn't really score in the paint (only 10 ppg average). He possesses a rugged, physical, defensive toughness inside (perhaps unusual for a foreigner)... leading some to believe (myself included) that he was Michigan State's ring-leading "hacker", implementing and executing the Spartan's tough, physical approach. Suton might have a shot to make the roster, but I'm doubtful.

Personally, if I was making the pick, I would have taken Luke Nevill (or someone else) over Goran Suton. Nevill averaged 2.7 bpg (Suton only 0.5). Nevill grabbed more rebounds per game and was a bigger presence inside (where we NEED presence!). Yes, Nevill wasn't drafted, and I'm surprised... physical toughness won out over size this time. However, I don't think this pick was a big deal. It's a 2nd Rounder. Psycho-T may not have been around for us... but (Psycho) Goran Suton may bring that toughness to the team.

Grade: C-


Orlando said...

I think Suton goes to Europe. I don't see room for him, Fes, and Koufos.

Im not a big Nevill fan. He's too stiff for the NBA. I don't think he'd get much time for the Jazz.

With second rounders I think you should either scoop up the guys that others were worried about (Dejuan Blair to the Spurs) or draft young foreigners who might or might not pan out. Suton doesn't do much for me.

Draft Guru said...

I don't necessarily disagree with your point of view. Nevill is definitely stiff, and slow reactionary for the NBA. Perhaps the game is too quick for him. However, with a 2nd Round, extremely low pick, I think you're best served to take a flyer... Choose the 7'2" guy that can block shots and add presence in the paint. What's the risk in that? If anything, maybe he can become a back-up center like Ostertag?

UtesFan89 said...

Suton isn't a shot-blocker (that would be The Koof), but he can play. In fact, he could probably even player the 4 if/when someone leaves/gets hurt. The reason he didn't score as much is because the MSU offense didn't revolve around him as much as the Utah offense revolved around Nevill (who didn't get drafted because he was viewed as "soft").

Suton can come in and help immediately (more or less). He spent 4 years under Tom Izzo (one of the better coaches), and is a fine defensive rebounder & shooter.

That said... he's a 2nd rounder. I'd hope he gets a contract (if nothing else, he's another cheap big... the Jazz need bigs, and they don't have money) and gets a shot to prove what he can do (summer league, and then NBA/NBDL).

Jazz Fan said...

I like Maynor. I feel like the Jazz got a steal. I think that he will be a lot like Ronnie Brewer. Athletic, plays defense, and likes to jump. I like that.
My only concern, I hope that he not like Morris Almond. He was supposed to be a player that was athletic, likes to play defense, and loved to jump. I probably will be worried at Maynor until I see him play. I have no doubt that he will work hard. But its all about the system. Can he fit in????
As for Suton, WASTED PICK. He will either play in the D league, or overseas. I will be suprised if we see him at all this season at ESA.
One more comment, I cant belive the Jazz didnt make any trades. Dont the Jazz usually make a trade or something and confuse the fans??? Maybe Im just dreaming.
PS. Im happy about the offer sheet to Millsap. I hope its something that nobody else can compete with.