Monday, June 1, 2009

Euro Trash

Two items of Jazz note from across the pond:

First, to basketball news. The Jazz are scheduled to play the Bulls on October 6 in London and now there are Spanish rumors that the Jazz will play in Madrid two days later. If that is the case, the Jazz could play against a Spanish club, rather than an NBA franchise. That would not be a good thing for our team psyche, as the previous two NBA teams to take on Spanish teams on their home turf have both come home with a loss. On the bright side, it will be nice to have Raul drop by and say hi to the guys.

Second, and much more important to most of this blog's readers, Masha Kirilenko is back! The Tribune is reporting that Masha is reviving her defunct musical career and will be releasing a single later this month. And it will be in English. I can already hear this one pulsating on the floors of the Vortex, or whatever it's called now. Masha also has some inspiring words for those that feel that life has let them down:

I really believe in karma. There's no way to escape it. I am so blessed. [My family] is happy, and good-looking, and rich.



Tucker McCann said...

That Masha quote is fake.

Orlando said...

How do you know? It's in the Trib.

Anonymous said...

Losing to a Spanish club would suck. However, what concerns me more is that the last time the Jazz played overseas (Japan) it took them over a month to get back on track. It put a serious hurt on the season.