Thursday, June 18, 2009

What To Expect From The Draft?

We’re one week away from the 2009 NBA Draft. And in truth, the reality of the Draft is that we probably won’t be getting a player who’ll make a huge difference for our team. According to, one NBA Executive pronounced (referring to this Draft): "I'll just tell you this is the worst draft in decades. People are going to get excited about guys. But this is a terrible draft. Guys are going to screw up big time." He meant his peers. "A number of my colleagues are warming up to it, and I think they're making a big mistake."

With that in mind, let’s make a realistic prognostication of what these players could become…

Pyscho-T = Adam Keefe

Everyone needs an Adam Keefe! Isn’t there a strong resemblance here? Both players are hustlers, hard-workers, and true Jazz-caliber players. Psycho-T might be the better athlete and this might be a discouraging comparison… but remember, Keefe was a star at Stanford, drafted 9th overall, started many games for the Jazz and contributed to a title-contending team.

Ty Lawson = Ricky Green

“The fastest of them all!...” I still have a signed Ricky Green autograph from when I was a kid.

Terrence Williams = Blue Edwards

Blue was a fantastic athlete who couldn’t shoot well from the outside. Williams is similar… the best rebounding, passing, defending guard in the draft.

Austin Daye = Donyell Marshall
Donyell lived from the 3-line. He was a great shooter from the perimeter and caused mismatch problems. This would be the best case scenario for Daye.

Eric Maynor = Howard Eisley

Maynor’s a steady, efficient back-up point guard who can run a team effectively. Eisley was awesome for the Jazz in a back-up role. He tried to go off and become a starter in Dallas and New York, but he wasn’t quite good enough.

James Johnson & Sam Young = Ty Corbin

The Milkman was a physical small forward who couldn’t shoot from deep. Johnson can cause mismatch problems because he’s heftier and stronger than Coach Ty, while Young is more athletic.

Jeff Teague = Jay Humphries/Delaney Rudd Combo

Humphries was fast and athletic. Rudd was a fearless, crunch-time shooter. Teague has that moxy and athleticism.

BJ Mullens = Luther Wright
Let’s call a spade… a spade. Mullens will be a risky pick that may not produce. Luther Wright was a whale of a man and athlete… but he didn’t have it all together… “upstairs”.

My One More Week Prediction: Bring back Adam Keefe!... the new Adam Keefe, Psycho-T.


Ryan said...

Great comparisons Guru. I would't mind seeing Psycho-T in a Jazz uniform. I think he could provide 10-15 minutes of solid basketball off the bench this season if we loose either Booze or 'Sap(hopefully Booze).

I also wouldn't mind seeing the Jazz take a flyer on a guy like Casspi. We could use better production out of the 3 spot and Casspi already looks tougher than Miles.

Orlando said...


Jazz fan said...

Bring in Hansborough. He will work hard, just like Coach Sloan likes. He would be a great fit for us off the bench. He reminds me a little of Millsap (intensity, rebounding, size.) I also like Wilkinson from Utah State. He would be a similar fit like Tyler. Either way, we need to draft defense and rebounding. My 1 wish, I hope that the Jazz dont waste thier 1st round pick.
PS, draft Wilkinson in the 2nd, take Tyler in the 1st.

Draft Guru said...

Good call on Casspi. He could be the sleeper pick. I heard he had a workout against Austin Daye where he literally (physically) beat the tar out of him. The workout apparently needed refs.

Wilkinson is interesting. He's got skills & size, no doubt. He might have a chance to make the team. If nothing else, hopefully we invite him to summer camp.

The Golden Griff said...

Guru knows of my feelings for Adams Keefe. Adam Keefe is one of the worst players ever to don a Jazz uniform. I think we made the Finals in spite of Keefe, not because of his contributions. The guy couldn't finish worth anything. When he got traded to the Warriors, the worst team in the league at the time, he was waived within weeks (ie, he couldn't make the worst team in the league). Remember, this is the same guy who got injured...wait for it...during warm-ups. If Hansborough is the next Adam Keefe (which I don't think he is, in a good way), please, please, please do not draft him. We just got rid of the next Adam Keefe (Jarron Collins).

Orlando said...

Golden Griff has no idea what he is talking about. Adam Keefe, aside from being a scholar, is the only Jazz player in the last 30 years who consistently finished drives with thunderous jams. His nickname, the Rebound Thief, was not only well-deserved, but it struck fear in the hearts of opposing small forwards. I look forward to flying back to Salt Lake when they retire Keefe's jersey.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Let's be honest -- Keefe was terrible. He had little body control and since he wasn't 7'2, couldn't make up for that glaring flaw in other ways. He did play hard though and probably never missed a two-handed, unguarded jam from less than six inches away.

Collins is worse though, and Hansborough would be better than either one.