Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome Back Boozer

. . . I guess.

The Deseret News is reporting (as of 3:41pm) that Boozer has officially opted in. That means the Jazz are obligated to pay him $12,657,233 to rehab whatever breaks in the next few months. It is good to have him back.

Let me conclude with his now-famous quote from December: "I am going to opt out. I don't see why I wouldn't. I think it's a very good business decision for me and my family."

What Credibility!


The Golden Griff said...

On the bright side (if the Jazz do not trade him), Carla should have a career year considering he'll be in the last year of his contract with a HUGE free agent frenzy in 2010.
Here's to hoping we can somehow still sign Millsap.

Orlando said...

I agree with Griff. Boozer in a contract year is like having Tim Thomas on your team in April with his contract about to expire. This will be great.

Millsap is a goner, I fear.

Jazz Fan said...

Well, I most likely wont be purchasing a Millsap shirt this season. I guess I can thank Boozer for saving me 25 clams.
Millsap, thanks for the good times. Enjoy Okalahoma City.
But I do have 1 question. What is Boozer thinking??? Does he not pay attention to the FA market for 2010? What a gomer!!!!