Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Measurements: Risers & Fallers

We’re 3-weeks out. The measurements are “in” for this year’s draft crop. And to the surprise of many, Psycho-T measured up. He was 6’9.5” in shoes with a 6’11” wingspan, jumped a 34 inch vertical and bench pressed 185 lbs 18 times. His numbers actually matched up quite favorably with Blake Griffin. Because of it, Psycho-T could see a boost in his draft stock.

Like every year, there’s always someone (or a “few” players) who rises and falls on the draft board come draft night. Last year, the Jazz saw a number of solid prospects fall to them when it was their turn to pick. Darrell Arthur, Donte Green, DeAndre Jordan, Mario Chalmers and of course, our very own Kosta Koufos were available for the picking back then. This year could see some risers and fallers also. It’s a relatively open draft and very difficult to predict.

Who could rise?

Psycho-T, North Carolina: He’s a winner, and a tough dude. He could have a similar career to that of David Lee in New York. Since his measurements came out impressively, he could certainly rise the board (kind of like Roy Hibbert did last year). Look out for Chicago at #16.
Omri Casspi, Israel: The first Israeli to try and make the NBA. He’s a little known small-forward that plays like Nocioni. With his experience playing in Europe, he could become a solid presence on an NBA squad.
Sam Young, Pitt: A physical specimen and very athletic. Had an awesome college career which could easily translate to NBA success.
DaJuan Summers, Georgetown: Apparently, has been showing well in workouts and the combine. Has the skill set to play either forward position at 6-8, 240 lbs.
Derrick Brown, Xavier: Early-entry player who measured out... off the charts – 35.5 vertical, 20 times lifted 185, 3.13 quarter-court sprint. He could easily find himself in the 1st Round.
Rodrigue Beaubois, France: The ultimate draft sleeper who could fly up the board very soon. He's extremely athletic (38' vertical) and has long arms (6'10" wingspan). Plays in the mold of Leandro Barbosa & our very own Ronnie Price.

Who could fall?

One of the Point Guards: Either Eric Maynor, Jeff Teague or Ty Lawson will be available when the Jazz pick. I believe one of those guys will drop due to the over-abundance of PGs in the draft. Lawson & Maynor, in particular, would be awesome!
Gerald Henderson, Duke: Not many teams have a need for a shooting guard. There could be other prospects of note that could be picked ahead of him. Same goes for Terrence Williams of Louisville.
James Johnson, Wake Forest & Earl Clark, Louisville: When will some team take a flyer on a project like Daye or Mullens, forcing JJ or Clark to fall down the board?

My 3-Weeks Out Pick: Choose a Tar Heel. They’re a bunch of champions! Psycho-T or Ty Lawson


Pasty Gangsta said...

I'd take a Tar Heel over a Blue Devil, that's for sure. Gerald Henderson. . . no thank you.

The Golden Griff said...

Don't let the soon-to-be Mrs. Pasty Gangsta hear you say that

Pasty Gangsta said...

Great point -- she wouldn't like that. Luckily she's not a big Utah Jazz basketball blog reader.

Something she would definitely like though: being known wide and far as Mrs. Pasty Gangsta.