Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pistons A No-Go For Boozer?

To piggy-back on top of Crotty Kid's thorough trade analysis below... Chad Ford of is reporting that Detroit may not be pursuing Carlos Boozer during free agency afterall, even after trading for Fabricio Oberto (whom they plan on buying-out). This is what he says, according to his sources:

"Over the past few months, we've assumed Carlos Boozer is their (Detroit’s) primary target, but that might not be the case. A league source told me Tuesday that the Pistons' free-agent strategy likely would preclude a run at Boozer.
The Pistons want to add several players to the roster and want to keep salaries at or less than $10 million per year. With Boozer likely demanding a deal in the $15 million to $16 million a year range, his contract demands are out of their league. Add in concerns about Boozer's injury history, and I don't think the Pistons will make a play for him.
Instead, you can look for them to make a run at Ben Gordon, try to re-sign Antonio McDyess and find one or two other players they can sign for smaller salaries.
That stance in Detroit could put Boozer in a tough position. If he opts out of his contract with the Jazz, he's going to struggle to find any team far enough under the cap to offer him what he wants. And with the Jazz interested in keeping Paul Millsap, Boozer could be out of luck in Utah, too."


Orlando said...

I figured as much. I still think they make a run at Millsap.

Pasty, will you send me your apologies when Boozer, Korver, and Okur are in Jazz uniforms next year?

Jazz Far said...

I agree with The Crotty Kid, I think that Boozer will be playing for the Jazz next year. As a Jazz Fan, I hope not. But the dollars and sense of it all aren't in the fans favor. Lets face it, nobody wants to pay Boozer to not play defense and be hurt all year. Yeah he is a 20/10 guy, but everyone knows that he sucks at defense, he is always hurt, and he chokes in the playoffs. I think that we are stuck with the guy.
With that being said, I still hope that the Jazz throw tons of coin at Millsap. He is a huge part of the Jazz's future. Deron needs some help, BADLY. Millsap will be the help that the team needs, and the fans want.
Keep Memo. He has something that not a lot of Centers in the league have. SHOOTING RANGE.
Let Korver Go. Say bye bye. That guys drives me the most crazy. He is way too inconsistant for me. One day he has 18 points, the next game he isnt playing 'D" and he cant hit a shot. GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!
Im waiting to buy my Millsap apparel, so I cant wait for the free agency period to start.

Thanks for listening to me!

Orlando said...

Where has Jazz Far been all summer? I finally have a kindred spirit.