Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crotty Kid's Offseason Guide: Vol. 5

Ok, kids. Today is offseason D-day. The day we've all been waiting for. Let's do a quick recap of what happens today.

  • Boozer must opt in by 5 PM mountain time. Boozer has a player option, which means he has to affirmatively indicate that he wants to stay in order for his $12 million contract for next year to kick in.
  • Okur and Korver can do nothing. Okur and Korver both have early termination options, which means that if they don't do anything, they are on the team.

As I've predicted all summer (unlike Pasty Gangster) I don't think anyone is going anywhere. Korver has reportedly decided to stay. Boozer is quickly realizing that there is no money out there for injury prone, defenseless power forwards. And Okur, while rumors still have him opting out, will have trouble finding more money than the Jazz can offer him. Which brings us to the second happening today.

  • The NBA's free agency period begins at 10 PM mountain time. That means Mr. Millsap can begin negotiating with other teams (which, in reality, has already been happening). The Jazz can offer Millsap (and Okur if he opts out) a new deal. They can also go after other team's free agents, including Marcin Gortat, Hedo Turkoglu, Glen Davis, and others.

I've covered the free agent happenings of the big four (Okur, Boozer, Korver, Millsap) all summer. After today, we should know what is happening with most of them. So, today, let's focus on the true Jazz free agents. Those players that, after 10 PM today, are no longer affiliated with the Jazz in any sense. Prepare to shed a tear, Jazz faithful.

  • Ronnie Price:
    The little man from UVSC won over Jazz fans' hearts in the final blowout playoff loss to the Lakers. While his stats from last year do not impress (37% fg?), even Sloan has admitted that he may have made a mistake in playing Brevin Knight over Ronnie. I would expect the Jazz to try to resign Ronnie to a minimum salary contract to be our third or second point guard.

  • Brevin Knight:
    The trade last year that brought Brevin Knight to the Jazz will forever be remembered as the trade that got rid of Jason Hart. But, in the end, Knight was not much better. Although I didn't cringe whenever Knight dribbled as I did with Hart, we took a huge step backwards when Deron left the game. Brevin's NBA career may be done.

  • Jarron Collins: Oh sweet day. The end of Collins' tenure with the Jazz signals a significant reduction in academic prestige, sweater vests, and citizenship. I don't know how you replace the intangibles that Collins brings to each game, including (1) stoicism, (2) joyless effort, (3) and ESP with his also-not-NBA-caliber twin. Also, I'm not sure who Pasty and Booner will blame for all of the Jazz' failures now that our designated whipping boy is gone. In any case, farewell gentle scholar. It has been an incredible ride. Enjoy your life in Palm Springs or Orlando. You shall not be missed.


Draft Guru said...

What about Almond Joy? Almond will probably be looking for another team too. It looks like you could be right about the Boozer Sweepstakes... not happening at all. We shall see what happens by the end of the day.

Tucker McCann said...

the Detroit News reported today that "the Pistons would love to sign Carlos Boozer should he decide today to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Jazz and become a free agent."

Orlando said...

. . . the Detroit News continues "but not for $14 million."

Tucker McCann said...

The Detroit News is the most reputable objective media outlet in the world.

Also, everytime I read Boozer's quote I cringe:

"I'm opting out. No matter what, I'm going to get a raise regardless ... I am going to opt out. I don't see why I wouldn't. I think it's a very good business decision for me and my family."


Orlando said...

Good call on Almond, Guru. I guess that I have put him out of my mind ever since the Jazz informed him that they wouldn't be exercising their option on him.

Pasty Gangsta said...

This is actually the interesting scenario that is developing:

"If Boozer elects to return, the Jazz would probably try to trade him. The Pistons could then conceivably sign two free agents and acquire Boozer via trade (it most likely would cost them Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince)."

Boozer re-ups with the Jazz but then we trade him and keep Millsap. Although then we'd still be in cap trouble (don't save much with Hamilton or Prince, but a little more with Prince) and would probably have to ditch Okur.

Damn your contract, AK!

Orlando said...

The problem with the "re-up Boozer and then trade him scenario" is that if we sign him to an increased salary we have to bring on the same salary in a trade. The Jazz don't want to do that. I think that they would rather have Okur at $10 mill/per instead of Hamilton and Prince at $12/$11 mill/per respectively. (Hamilton's salary is a nightmare! 4 more years!)
I think the Jazz would rather see Boozer walk than do a sign and trade because of how much salary they would have to take on in that scenario.
I don't think Boozer can afford to opt out. He would be giving the Jazz all the chips.

Orlando said...

Also, check this:


AK's contract ranked 6th biggest cap killer.

Pasty Gangsta said...

No, I'm not saying the Jazz will re-sign him, I'm saying if he opts in they'll try to move him. O'Connor tipped his hand a bit in the D News the other day when he asked what Millsap should think if Boozer came back for a year. KOC said, "He should think to himself, 'It's only one more year.'"

The Golden Griff said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE opt-out, Carla !!!