Thursday, May 29, 2008

Add This to the List

Excellent post by the Crotty Kid. I propose an addition to the "NO - NOs" list. If you want to stay on the team, don't punch teammates in the face at Jazz functions, especially teammates who are better than you.

Here is a report on Bart Kofoed's ignominious exit from the franchise from the AP:

The Utah Jazz yesterday waived the second-year guard Bart Kofoed, following an incident in which a teammate, Bobby Hansen, sustained a broken cheekbone during a scuffle at a New Year's Eve party. ''There are many versions of the story,'' said the Jazz general manager, Dave Checketts. ''The fact is, a punch was thrown, and I don't see that the situation could ever be patched up again. There is a clause in his contract that requires him to act in good citizenship and good sportsmanship. For violation of that clause, we're going to terminate his contract because he struck one of his teammates and caused significant damage and damaged the team.'' Jim Farmer was signed to replace Hansen, also a guard, who is expected to be out four to six weeks.

Happily, it appears that Kofoed has seen the light and come to God. But I still wouldn't tease him at the holiday party.


Orlando said...

HAHA! Kofoed is a Jesus freak now!

Draft Guru said...

Absolute classic post!

site said...

This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.