Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nauseating Numbers - Game 2

The total amount of time that had elapsed in Game 2 when Boozer sat down with three stupid fouls. STOP PUSHING PEOPLE on the boards!
The total amount of minutes Boozer played in Game 2. Quick math: that is HALF the game. He must be exhausted!
The amount of dunks Boozer threw down this year, as compared to 119 for the slimmer, smaller, and slighter Ronnie Brewer.
Boozer's field goal percentage in Game 2 (3 of 10 from the field). Jump shot, after jump shot, after jump shot. Come on! We acquired Boozer for his low post presence. Jarron Collins can shoot 12 foot jumpers all night (speaking of which . . .)
The amount of minutes Jarron Collins played in Game 2. 11 minutes from Collins is 11 minutes too many in any NBA contest!
The Jazz's deficit at the end of the first quarter. Let's be honest, it is tough to crawl back into an NBA playoff game versus the #1 seed when you give them a 15 point lead going into the second quarter.
The amount of points the Jazz scored in the first quarter. Again, it is tough to do much damage to your opponent with 18 points a quarter.
The number of points the Lakers beat us down with in the first half. I don't credit the Lakers' offense (although credible) as much as I do the Jazz's lack of defense (very incredible). At the end of the game, the Lakers walked off the court with 57.5% field goal percentage under their belts.
4 of the next 5
The games the Jazz actually have to win now to advance to the Western Conference Finals.
The amount of pleasure I derive from watching Boozer dick around at the elbow, brick 12 footers all night, push people under the boards, jog down the court and stand, and sit on the bench with a blank stare. WHERE IS BOOZER'S FIRE?


Pasty Gangsta said...

Boozer has yet to have a good game in the playoffs. I was willing to give him a bit of a pass in the Houston series because they D up, but the Lakers? COME ON. Gasol and Vlad Rad and Odom are SOFT. He should be putting up 30 and 15 every night on them. This is more than a slump. This is leading me to question Boozer's ability to lead the team in the playoffs (which is all that really matters). Unbelievable that he has been an All Star and D Will never has.

Ryan said...

Boozer's lack of focus and intensity was especially glaring when compared to the fire Milsap showed off the bench: 17 points, 10 rebounds - 6 of them on the offesive end - in less than 30 minutes on the floor. We need that kind of effort out of Boozer or this is going to be a short series.

Orlando said...

I loved Millsap as well. In game one he seemed a little timid, for whatever reason - missed a gimme late in the game because he didn't throw it down. Good to see he's back.

Who's the bigger head case right now, Boozer or Andrei?

Tucker McCann said...

Boozer is by far the bigger headcase right now (as compared to AK). Boozer is not even competing. AK in the very least is doing what he can.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Actually, what bothers me is that Boozer ISN'T a bigger head case. He seems very calm about the fact that he is crapping all over this playoff run. Get a flagrant. Get pissed when you pick up your third stupid foul after about 30 seconds of game play. Be livid when you miss your 8th jumper in a row or AK misses his 15th. Some emotion, please.