Friday, May 16, 2008

Shot Selection

Having lost three out of five against the Lakers, there are clearly some things the Jazz can be doing better. For starters they could quit turning the damn ball over so much and stop fouling every time down the court (especially away from the ball and on Lakers not named Kobe). But there is one thing that is even more under their control: shot selection.

Here are shots I like:
  • Anything by Deron Williams. Especially if Jordan Farmar is in the game. In fact, if Farmar is in the game I think D Will is the only Jazzman who should shoot. And as great as he's been, we need Williams jacking it up even more down the stretch.
  • Most of Memo's. His new shot fake, dribble, launch a running jumper over an approaching defender is not the prettiest move in the league but it's opened up a new facet of his game and his post-season play is much improved this year.
  • Many of Harp's, Korver's, and Brewer's. These three have struggled at times to knock down J's but at least their shots usually come within the flow of the offense.
Here are shots that make me want to throw the remote control:
  • Anything by AK outside of 12 feet. I'm sure if you reviewed all the game film you'd find that he's hit three of these shots in the playoffs. But he's taken about 50. And 45 have gone right off the back of the iron. The only silver lining is that they clank so hard it gives Okur and Booze a great chance at an offensive rebound.
  • Boozer's 15-foot, hand in the face, fall away jumpers. Really one of the worst shots in our offense. No chance of a foul, usually draws nothing but backboard, and we can rarely board it. This shot is especially maddening with 17 seconds left on the shot clock.
  • Boozer's run down the lane, throw the ball up into the defender, hope for a foul and then complain after you don't get one. The amazing thing about this shot is that it actually affects our defense, as Carlos is often out of the play arguing as Odom takes it down the other end for a dunk. One question about these shots: if Walton is stealing the ball at the same time as Odom and Gasol are cleanly blocking it, who gets credit for the defensive play?


Orlando said...

I'd like to edit your first point about Korver/Harpring/Brewer shots. I love Brewer creating around the hoop - hate him shooting that uncontested 20 footer. Korver is a good shooter, but I don't like running him off picks and shooting fallaway 18 footers. Harpring is maddening to me.

The Golden Griff said...

I agree with Pasty, for the most part, about Brewer and Korver. Harpring, however, needs to be more consistent. He's definitely improved since the first 3 games of the series.

Pasty Gangsta said...

Fair enough. I would still rather have Brewer taking a wide open jumper than AK though. Harp has had a bad series but overall I think he plays within the offense and his shots will start falling.