Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Go Hornets, Go!" - Jerry Sloan

OK, I actually have no official proof that Jerry has said anything close to "Go Hornets, Go," but he, along with anyone in this big beautiful world affiliated with the Jazz, is definitely thinking as much. Now granted, the Jazz have a lot to accomplish before we worry about the next round, but a few foreshadowing thoughts as the Hornets take a 2-0 lead over the dicks of the NBA . . .

1) Everyone in the U.S. hates, or should hate, the Spurs. Nobody in their right mind wants to see a Jazz v. Spurs series. More specifically, nobody wants to see the Spurs' "Flop-a-Rama" anymore. It has played itself out. It is bad basketball. Get the Spurs the hell out of the playoffs!

2) Every Jazz fan knows that the Spurs have our number.

3) Wouldn't a fast pace Utah Jazz v. New Orleans Hornets series be fun? D-Will v. CP3? Peja v. Korver? Memo v. Tyson Chandler? Boozer v. West? the Bear v. whatever the hell the Hornets' mascot is?

Thus, it suits us all as Jazz fans to make the Hornets our allies. As we chant "Go Jazz, Go!" for the next few weeks, may we also chant "Go Hornets, Go!"

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Orlando said...

Hornets/Jazz would be a point guard lover's dream. However, it would be a ratings nightmare. Most casual NBA fans have no idea that New Orleans has an NBA team, and the Jazz barely beat out the Bucks and Bobcats for national appeal.