Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jazz Notes

Some links from ye olde web:
  • Ronnie Brewer is an NBA-elite dunker, if measured by quantity. Hooray, dunks!

  • Sporting News article on a Jazz practice prior to last March's home disaster against the Lakers. Fun facts: Millsap practices his threes; Deron's favorite point guard of all-time is Jason Kidd.
  • Looking for the next Mehmet Okur in this year's draft? Look no further than Georgia (the country). Giorgi Shermadini is compared to Okur, but without the bulk. Not sure that's a good thing. Also, if you're like me, you enjoy NBA articles with poorly translated quotes. Not only do we learn that young Giorgi is as good as Memo was at 18, we also have this gem from a Cavs scout: “Shermadini is a very talented player. As he has very good conditions for improvement, I think that it will happen first time in basketball history that from low level league player will go in NBA. This fact is EUREKA.”
  • Yet another article about how mean the Jazz are to Kobe. This one from the New York Times.

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