Friday, May 30, 2008

Where Are They Now: The BJ-League!

00Tag's post about one of TCG's author's namesake and his recent discovery of Jesus led me to do a little investigative reporting of my own. For my journey into the Jazz abyss, I set out to discover where on God's green earth was the ex-jazzman that made me cry more than any other. In other words, where was David Benoit?
Well, ponder no more, loyal reader. Everyone's favorite undrafted small forward was, until recently, playing the game that he loves at the ripe old age of 39! He's like Stockton except without the craftiness and overall skill level. And best of all, he was playing in the BJ-League! That's not a nickname for the NBA, it's a Japanese league started in 2005, and it sounds exciting. And now, the man who couldn't hit a playoff three pointer to save his life is the head coach of the Saitama Broncos. DREAM JOB!


Pasty Gangsta said...

I find Crotty's Kid's comments about David Benoit just a bit too sarcastic for my liking. If it may please the reader, I hope to focus his/her attention on the more serious aspects of David's career. This website highlights them quite nicely:

Orlando said...

Thanks for that link, PG. I had forgotten that a jazzman participated in the slam dunk contest once upon a time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Benoit, Shawn Kemp is the best early to mid 90's dunker to take his game overseas at the age of 39. Sorry to steal your thunder, but He also has more NBA credentials and far more illegitimate kids. Good luck on playing that great competition in the Japanese league though.