Saturday, May 10, 2008


There are a lot of things that I miss about Utah. Here are three:

1. The news anchors in Utah. The list of names is like a stroll through the hall of fame: Dick Norse, Randall Carlisle, Carol Makita, Doug Miller, Reece Stein, Mark Eubanks. And what Utah male hasn't had the hots for mega-babe Hope Woodside? But there are few moments in Utah news history that can rival this clip for bizareness: Shauna Lake, who apparently has a school-girl crush, interviews Kyle Korver. We get to the bottom of burning questions such as what church he attends in Utah (K2 church), whether he's single (yes), the hardest part of moving to Utah (finding people he wants to hang out with), and what he thinks of being a sex symbol (he doesn't like it). I mean this is hard hitting stuff. Shauna's son Zach even makes a cameo to deliver a peanut better and jelly sandwich to the jazzman. Fantastic! And the last half of the interview features Korver holding a pillow to his midsection. Maybe he has a crush on Shauna but doesn't want her to notice.

2. What it takes to become a heartthrob in Utah. Three things. Kyle's got them all.

a. Hard-core christian values (check).

b. White (check).

c. Frosted tips (check).

3. The Nu-Skin Jazz Dancers. So hot!! So classy!!

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