Monday, May 12, 2008

How hurt is . . . "hurt?"

So Kobe injured his back, or did he? I am a bit skeptical about the extent of many NBA All-Stars' injuries, especially come Playoff time (i.e. Jordan being "terribly sick," T-Mac playing on his "sore knee"). I think it is simply an attempt to add to the player's potential heroics. Let's be honest, in Game 4 Kobe can barely walk to the Laker bench, but then can run the length of the floor with the ball in 2.4 seconds. And granted, his field goal percentage fell into the toilet in the 4th quarter and overtime, but still . . . injured?

I have my doubts. Serious doubts.


Orlando said...

I don't doubt that Kobe is hurt: he was not blowing by Kirilenko like he ought. However, I also have no doubt that his back will be 100% healed on Wednesday - at least on the offensive end.

Ryan said...

I agree with the Crotty Kid that Kobe will be 100% on the offensive end and think game 5 would be the ideal time to test his back by making him play some defense.