Monday, May 19, 2008

The Long NBA Summer

I'm not going to post about game 6 today. I'm not even sure if it was a let-down, inasmuch as it felt inevitable once it had ended. In the end, I feel that the Jazz achieved what they should have achieved - which, unfortunately, feels fairly hollow in today's hyper-accomplishment sports world. It feels like the Jazz are one of the smart kids at some uber-elite prep school called "Western Conference Academy"; their talent would be much more praiseworthy if they weren't surrounded by all the few kids that are even richer and smarter. Perhaps transferring to the less prestigious "Eastern Conference Boys School" would do wonders for their self-confidence.

I feel good about what the Jazz are at this point - they are the second youngest team in the NBA and have a solid core. But, I also recognize that two western conference teams that are still playing are similarly youthful and, as noted, still playing.

So, here's to hoping that Kirilenko enjoys his family vacation in France this summer and that Okur enjoys putting on his customary twenty-five "summer pounds." The Jazz gave us all a nice little run this year. And that's often all that you can ask for.


Ryan said...

I agree that we had a solid season. If the Lakers had not added Gasol, I think there is a chance we could have won it all. The question now is whether or not the pieces are in place to win a championship. I hope the answer is yes, but am unsure whether we can ever win a championship with a starting 4 and 5 who are not committed to playing defense.

Orlando said...

Couldn't agree more, 00tag.