Monday, May 5, 2008

These Things I Believe

Sunday's game was not very helpful. I came away from it less sure of how this series is going to play out than I was before the game. It's obvious that we cannot rely on Sr. Okur's hustle to keep us in games, nor can the Lakers consistently rely on Deron delivering a complete dump of a game. But there are some things I am convinced of after watching Game 1.

1. Jack Nicholson knows nothing about the game of basketball - I am convinced of this. I have never sat in the front row of anything, but I have a sense that the front row inhabitants at Lakers games are, too put it nicely, dumb as bricks. I have a premonition that Jack spends the whole game yelling things like "Do a dunk shot, Pau," or "Shoot in a three-point basket, Sasha," or "That Bea Arthur sure was a handsome woman, wasn't she?"

2. Ronnie Brewer is our best version of a "Kobe-stopper" - I thought Brewer actually did a respectable job on the NBA's #1 lady's man. Plus, our other options are truly flawed. When Kirilenko guards him Kobe finishes at the rim because he knows AK can't stay in front of him. AK plays for the late block, which on lesser players is effective, but Kobe just throws it down - plus we lose Andrei's weakside help. Kyle "Kandyass" Korver was actually decent in spot duty on Sunday, but he gets zero respect from the refs (or any male, for that matter). CJ "Frequent Flier" Miles was a total joke, as per usual.

3. Sasha Vujacic is playing despite a severe case of the clap - That's the word on the street at least.


Jason Barlow said...

Watch your mouth concerning "Frequent Flier" Miles! Mark my words, in the next 1-2 years, Miles will be a heavy contributor to the Jazz. If we can keep him

Orlando said...

Right, I'm sure the rest of the league is going to salivate over a swingman who couldn't beat out Brewer, Korver, HARPRING(!), Giricek, or Fisher for playing time. We need to secure that guy long-term.