Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lance Allred vs. Jarron Collins

I hate to bring this up hours before Game 2, but the debate has been exhausting: could we pay Lance Allred much less than Jarron Collins to do much more than Jarron Collins? Well, let's piss one more urine stream into the fire.

It seems Lance Allred is about to be a published author! Can Jarron Collins claim the same? I think not.

"Cavs reserve forward Lance Allred got news that he has been waiting to receive for years this week when he learned that HarperCollins is going to publish his memoirs. He is set to sign the contract for the untitled biography soon and the plan is for it to be out around Christmas or early next year. It will focus on his growing up in a polygamous sect and overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorder and legal deafness to reach the NBA. 'I tried to go back and objectively analyze my life and I try to do it sarcastically and sardonically,' Allred said. 'I wasn't really planning on putting it out there, and then my sports agent read it and encouraged me.'"

Distinguished Author > Stanford Graduate.


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Orlando said...

Collins is undoubtedly preparing to publish a memoir of his life as a member of the Jazz. We'll finally get all of the dirt on Sloan's personal life!